AJR Highlights My “Manifesto”

American Journalism Review highlighted my “social journalism manifesto” in their round up of news about the media. http://ajr.org/2014/04/03/ajr-news-wrap-end-derp-gawker-swearing-new-york-times/

Re-tweets/favs of my Op Ed by Marc Andreesen, Tim O’Reilly and Nick Bilton

I’m pleased http://observer.com/2014/03/why-michael-wolff-is-wrong/ is getting a good response in some quarters. Romenesko.com also included the column in their roundup. And I’ve been invited in to talk to execs at a couple traditional media brands, which is encouraging.

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Hybrid Social/Journalism – “SoJo”Platforms – Redux

Will they succeed this time?  There’s a new wave of players in the space I tried to carve out for FastCompany.com in 2007, with much resistance from traditional journalists.  What’s old is new again.  See my comment at the end of this piece for more details on my thoughts. http://recode.net/2014/02/07/rise-of-the-platishers/?hubRefSrc=permalink#lf_comment=136566982