Of Bitcoin and doxxing: Is revealing Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity okay because it was Newsweek and not Reddit?

Unmasked! Who cares? And yet I’m really curious.


If you don’t spend a lot of time on the internet, or in forums on websites like Reddit and 4chan, you might not have heard of the term “doxxing,” but it is becoming more and more relevant, especially as the media and journalism become something that anyone can engage in, not just accredited professionals. In the latest incident to highlight the practice, Newsweektracked down a man it believes to be the creator of Bitcoin — a 64-year-old named Satoshi Nakamoto — and published details about his personal life, along with a photo of his house and car.

To many, this probably sounds a lot like a fairly normal story: A man who may (or may not) have created one of the first real “crypto currencies,” an invention that could destabilize the entire global banking and payments industry — and a man who may be worth half a…

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